Jinlang sincerely would like to supply best scheme for
 heating supply enterprises in order to service customers
 perfectly and would like to do our best to make best OEM
 cooperation platform for pipe materials enterprises and pipe
 installing companies.
Ⅰ、Items and areas of inviting agents:
1、Items of inviting agents:water distributors, valves and engineering.
2、Areas of inviting agents:Provinces (municipalities and municipality directly under the Central Government), cities (areas), County (county level).

Ⅱ、Cooperation style
General agent of area, Dealer engaged by special arrangement.

Ⅲ、Support service:
1、Complete set of specifications and variety of products, qualified quality system and perfect after sales service.
2、Reasonable price system and thick profit space.
3、Strong commercial and technology support.
4、Rapid, advanced and nil risk goods dispatching system.
5、Advanced electron commerce and information exchange system through network.
6、Strictly division of markets and protection system.

Ⅳ、Flow of inviting agents:
1 、To supply related references of your company (background of the company, licence of business, scope of business, sales branches, achievements in the past, target of the future, management concept etc.)
2 、Jinlang shall dispatch special staff members to investigate and negotiate with you.
3 、To sign contract of area agent;
4 、To fill a sheet of order plan for sales in the acting area;

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